Dinky Toy Cars - Meccano Dinky Toys for sale and Meccano Dinky toy cars for sale at auction.


Dinky Toy Cars - Meccano Dinky Toys for sale and Meccano Dinky toy cars for sale at auction.

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The first set of 'Dinky Cars' released in 1934 by Meccano Ltd was designated No. 22, comprised of six 1:43 scale models and retailed at 4 shillings. They were * 22a Sports Car * 22b Sports Coupe * 22c Motor Truck * 22d Delivery Van (with same chassis and cab as 22c) * 22e Tractor * 22f Tank.

Pre-war Dinky Toys are very rare and were cast from an unstable alloy and suffer from metal fatigue. The first model Dinky toy car that was to be made available individually was 23a which was a sports car based on an early MG.

The Delivery Van (#28c) produced in the Meccano Ltd livery of Bentalls store in 1937 was sold for $19,355 at Christie's, London, England on October 14 1994.

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Dinky Toy Cars

For a collector of Meccano Dinky Toys, the condition of original Meccano Dinky toys for sale is one of the most important factors:

  • Mint Condition toys show no signs of deterioration. MIB toys or Mint in Box toys are "as new" in its original packaging.
  • Very Good condition toys show slight wear or rubbing on high points or at sharp mold lines of the toy.
  • Good condition toy cars have more wear than Very Good condition toy cars but with the majority of paintwork intact and minimal isolated chipping.
  • Fair condition toys have more obvious chipping and scratching and some damaged parts.
  • Playworn toy cars are the lowest category with scratched, chipped and worn areas of finish.